"I have been working with Mike from Project UP for over two years now. I train with the US National Rowing Team gearing up for the 2016 Rio Olympics and approached him for complementary strength and mobility exercises. While I had a basic understanding of strength and mobility, Mike’s knowledge and passion about the athlete’s body is second to none. More significantly, Mike has experience training non-rowing athletes. Our program includes non-traditional rowing exercises that are tailored to my specific needs and body type. I believe this is the most beneficial part of program and makes me a more athletic oarsman. Our sessions are fun. I encourage rowers of all skill levels to let Project UP improve your athleticism. Races are won and lost by inches and I believe this type of training is necessary for athletes to reach their potential, gaining every inch possible."

-GLENN OCHAL, 2016 Olympian and 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist

"I started using the Rowfficient training plan a little over a year ago while trying to get back in shape for the Rio Olympics. I was in decent cardio shape when I started, but my strength and overall body movement needed work. I felt a difference in less than 3 months and was seeing gains in my fitness like I haven’t seen in any training I’ve ever done — even during my time training with the Women’s National Rowing Team! My overall fitness has increased tremendously and I’ve never moved better in the gym. This plan has helped me get into the best shape of my life, setting new PR’s only after one year of training. In the past, other types of training I’ve followed would take me multiple years to see the same results. I will be following this training program for years to come because its effective, efficient, and pushes me to be the best athlete I can be!"

-SARAH (ZELENKA) MCILDUFF, 2012 Olympian and World Champion


"In the past year, Mike’s training program has helped me take my athleticism to the next level. In the past, my weight room focus was solely on a few lifts with high reps. By diversifying my training program, Mike allowed me to dramatically improve my speed and power. Through a strong focus on technique, I was able to translate skills learned in the weight room to more effective biomechanics on the water."

-ANDREW CAMPBELL, 2016 Olympian, IRA Champion


“Working with Mike has been transformative. I don’t use that word lightly. After meeting a few times to assess my fitness level, discuss my goals and demonstrate certain exercises, Mike began preparing 6 workouts every week by mixing up cardio, strength and core exercises. He shares them through a personalized document that requires me to report on my progress. Mike checks daily so I am accountable, which is the key for me. If I miss a workout, I explain why and I get feedback. If I am going to be away, we talk about options for exercising on the road. If something doesn’t feel right, I let Mike know. Finally and most importantly, if I have questions about an exercise, Mike is usually just a text away. Exercising is now an integral part of my day. It has become like brushing my teeth. If I don’t do it, I just don’t feel right. That is what I was seeking and with my partnership with Mike, that is what I have found."

- HARVEY COTTON, Amateur runner and Boston lawyer

"After my D1 hockey career at Dartmouth College, Mike developed a well-tailored, strategic plan to prepare me for the next level, professional hockey. Each workout was geared towards helping me reach my specific goals as well as focusing on injury prevention and proper weight lifting mechanics. His personalized workouts consisted of high intensity strength, endurance, and agility training, which translated perfectly into the sport of hockey. He was available during my workouts whenever I had questions and was, undoubtedly, dedicated to helping me succeed. I was in the best shape of my life training under Mike's plan, which says a lot to his knowledge as a coach and trainer considering I had spent the past 12 years trying to perfect the sport at a competitive level. I would highly recommend seeking his expertise if you are someone looking to make incredible gains."

- ANDY SIMPSON, Dartmouth College Hockey, All-Ivy Team


"These workouts are not only making me faster and stronger, but they're really helping my mentality and my attitude. Being able to have a goal, with the right coaching, and having the opportunity everyday to make something special happen is a gift that I'm becoming very grateful for. So, thank you for helping me out, you both are a lot of fun, and as much as these workouts suck, they're a ton of fun."

-ZACH KORTEN, Purdue University rower


"I haven't had this much success training on my own in my life. After only 6-8 weeks of Project UP programming, I easily put on five pounds of muscle and started to feel stronger and more fit than I had as a college athlete. Nine months later and I'm still going strong - this programming keeps things challenging and constantly different, motivating me to hit the gym as much as possible."   

- JEREMY HOPKINS, 2-time EARC Sprints Champion, IRA Champion