Sign up to Train Like Mike and join him in his daily workout. Included are six days a week of free content where you can try to beat his scores or use our scaled versions to match your current fitness level.

TRAIN LIKE YOU - $125/month

We will build you a customized training plan to fit your individual fitness goals. We will help you attack your aerobic capacity, strength, mobility, and nutrition. Get ready to Unlock your Potential.

BARBELL BASICS - $50 one time fee

Our Barbell Basics video series is the best way to start your strength training program safely and effectively. A great option for anyone with limited access to an in-person trainer. Complimentary with our Train Like You and Rowfficient Medals Dock packages.


Our Starting Line Package is designed to be seasonal, allowing your training to match the spring Championship schedule. 12 sessions a week are provided with options to follow just 3, 6, or 9 sessions.


We will customize our Rowfficient programming to meet your specific needs. Goal building, video sessions, nutrition tips, and full access to our coaching staff makes this a worthwhile investment.

ROWFFICIENT TEAM - by Consultation

A team of athletes following the Rowfficient Training plan is the ultimate way to see your group progress together. This includes in-person training of your team to get the best out of your athletes. 


Nothing can substitute the quality time spent in person with a skilled coach. The Project UP flagship gym facility is still a work in progress, but for now we are available to train clients out of their Boston facilities.