The Starting Line package rotates seasonally. Currently we are offering a Spring Training Plan. 

Our Spring Training plan includes 3 intense strength training sessions per week, 3 high intensity rowing sessions, and additional mobility and drilling technical support. This plan gives you the flexibility to complete all of your technical and steady state sessions on your own or with your teammates. Our strength training sessions include movements that as rowers and coaches, we have found to be the best translation to power and proper positioning in the rowing stroke. Excitingly, the latest scientific research is starting to follow these findings as well.

What will you get from this Spring Season Starting Line Package?

  • 3 strength training sessions per week designed to improve your strength, fitness, and health as a rower
  • 3 high intensity rowing/erging sessions per week
  • Access to our interactive calendar where you can track your workouts and progress
  • Access to our bi-weekly live Q&A video session
  • Access to our constantly evolving video library
    • We add 1 rowing video per week covering technical focuses and drills for you to implement into your training
    • We add 1 fitness video per week covering lifting techniques, mobility protocols, or general movement practices you can integrate into your routine