Project UP featured in Sports Illustrated

Yesterday was a fun day when we received our issue of this week's Sports Illustrated, turned past the cover featuring Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps, and Simone Biles, and found ourselves hiding inside!

Over the past Olympic cycle, both Mike and I feel that we have experienced substantial personal makeovers. Not only has our approach to training and rowing shifted, but our lifestyle choices have changed. We prioritize sleep and diet because when we take care of these areas, we feel better and are more productive. We have tried to grow our self awareness and openness to change so that our pride doesn't get in the way of new potential opportunities. We try to run toward scary situations rather than away. When we are faced with "failure," we try to find the silver lining rather than wallow in the disappointment.  

Putting everything we had toward Rio and coming up just short taught us more than we could have ever anticipated. We feel lucky to have been able to share our story with Sports Illustrated, and we hope you take a look! Check out the digital version of the article here.