What We Do

Project UP is designed to help you gain fitness and boost performance -- whatever your goals. Whether you're an athlete looking to train more effectively, or you simply want to improve your strength, we have a plan for you. Project UP will enhance every aspect of your fitness. We work with you to address YOUR needs -- we even have a rower-specific program developed from our Olympic experience. Each plan is tailored to meet your goals. 


Who We Want

We are looking for hardworking, motivated, ambitious individuals and teams. If you join Project UP with an open mind and a willingness to put forth your best effort, results will be substantial and long-lasting. We love competitors, fighters, and risk-takers, because we are the same way. When you join Project UP, you become part of a growing community working together to reach our fitness goals. This community will support you in your endeavor toward life-long health and personal improvement.


Unlock Your Potential

We are here to help you break through walls and Unlock Your Potential. Although nothing can replace daily, hands-on interaction with a coach, we recognize there are many athletes without that ability who still want to improve. That's where we come in. We provide you with the tools you need based on our years of experience and expertise. It is our belief that working out should be done with the intention of improving your human performance, rather than solely focusing on aesthetic changes. Strong is the new skinny.



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